Sunday, November 2, 2014


Left the tent camp at 5:45 am to get to the fair while it was still dark. Saw men sitting around fires to warm up. Quite chilly. As the sun rose we headed to the area where they buy and sell camels. The owners use their persuasive skills to buy and sell them at the most competitive prices. The early morning light was beautiful. Then we walked around sacred Lake Pushkar. We went on the rooftop of a hotel to photograph the Lake Pushkar as you aren't allowed the photograph the lake because it's holy. Saw hare krishna and wandering esthetic holy men called Sadhu. The Sadhu are covered in white ash. One Sadhu called Babba let us photograph him. For money of course. He claims he lifts weights with his penis. Strange ... Then we had breakfast in the town of Pushkar and wandered through the incredibly busy narrow streets. Everything you can imagine for sale. Thongs of people!!!! Lots of beggars. We headed back to camp about 1 pm (after a 7-hour outing). We rest in our cool tents in the heat of the day before going back to the fair at 4 pm to sunset. Karl (our trip leader) hired a couple of "models" to pose for us. What an experience!! Cocktails and appetizers (thanks to Patsy!!) before dinner in camp.

Overnight in the Deluxe Camp.

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